mythology – an ongoing construction

beautiful world, where are you

photo by author.

Some time after God sent pebbles into dinosaurs, my mother decided to love a man so much to want to bear a version of him in her womb.

For three spring moons, my father held my mother like a trophy…

what we wear impacts how we think and how we remember.

photo by author.

There’s a phenomenon known as “enclothed cognition.” It’s the scientific way of saying what we wear impacts how we think and how we remember. — Eika Veurink


There is a green, not so much neon, not so much…

place, movement, complacency, and the changes we make.

photo by author.

Space is the rearrangement of our fluctuating values of time, money, opportunity, attention and privilege.

I’ve lived in different parts of the world, tasted different parts of California.

I can tell you that Oakland lets in so much light in the summer…

britney, paris hilton, bennifer, and the fall of Afghanistan

photo by author.

It’s a joke.

A big fat joke.

Towers, I’ve been told, fell over on fire.

Smoke rose from the soot-filled faces of New Yorkers.

I flipped through the channels looking for The Simpsons.

My evening cartoons were nowhere to be found.

or how the past becomes suddenly present, and the present seems mediated by the long passage of years.

photo by author.

When death occurs, the internal and the external meet.

Your eyes drip with tears and your heart rips open.

Your knuckles go white and your stomach croaks.

My father died when I…

what’s the most important work you do?

photo by author.

“Would you like to share lives together?”

When heard, romantic implications arise.

When “romance” is said, marriage montages play out, and naturally, we think “til death do us part,” but why do we disregard friendships and communities, natural floor plans to any relationship?

why you’re still spring cleaning in summer

some first steps in looking at objects from another lens.

photo by author.

I’m at this strange influx of productivity and unproductivity. In this odd grey area, I’m learning to care more. More about myself, all the tedious bits. …

what does intimacy look like in a post-pandemic korea?

bringing ‘touch’ back into our physical vocabulary.

God knows how long I’ve held a hand. I’ve often wondered what intimacy will look like when all last year has been spent away from people, from touch. …

what is “skinship” for queer korean men?

here are the boys of seoul —

photo by author.

“Skinship” is a form of intimacy shown between Korean men to exhibit affection in friendships. After rounds of soju, you’ll see fathers and grandfathers hold hands, pull each other in by their thighs.

saigon garçon

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