I didn’t think history would repeat itself again so quickly in a xenophobic anniversary.

Around this time last year, I had gone to Seoul for the usual weekend self care trip I usually take at the end of the month: haircut, check out a bookstore or two, coffee somewhere new.

When I came back to the office to early morning smiles and the chit chat you cough up to start any manic Monday, I had a good feeling that Monday wasn’t going to be manic at all.

The afternoon crept through, and the door to my office slammed open. Accusatory…

I did the best thing I could do for the rest of my life.

Organize it.

Since this past week was the calm before the storm, I decided to look at all the details I purposefully ignored for moments like these.

I looked at the dust in all the corners of my desk, leafed through loose papers that piled up through the void that was 2020. I brought these habits home.

I made a list. Of things to declutter. First, I focussed on my kitchen pantry. Instant ramen packets bounced out every time I opened the drawers. (I’m trying to…

and what you’re missing out on:

Community. Invigorating conversations. Eavesdropping on the most intimate discussions you wish you were having with your pandemic-far best friends.

From Lupe Fiasco and Virgil Abloh talking about the New School in New York to Peggy Gou spinning ghetto house, to radio station-esque rooms playing retro French music. The possibilities are endless.

In one room that started as a welcoming party for a friend as a first-time clubhouser, it went as you’d expect it: just friends, inside-jokes, casual. Until the gays invaded.

Literally, Asian gays from all over the world joined in and the conversation…

A social revolution has come up. And you’re most likely missing out on it.

It’s a social media app based purely on your voice. Your physical one. One that can transcend from topic to topic, person to person. How it works: Your voice floats to different “rooms” to explore speakers with various topics. Your voice can then “raise its hand” to speak up and share its thoughts.

What’s beautiful about this app is that in a world where human communication has been severed, you can connect to people without worrying about eye contact or the clothes on your back. …

Music has always been an incredibly important factor to my life. I listen to more albums than I do reading and watching books because I sing better in them. Here were some of my favorites:

10. NCT, Resonance P2

Okay, sure. BTS is important, but the visuals and production value for NCT have always been immaculate. Don’t sleep on these boys.

9. Arca, Kick I

Arca comes back with another album that’s still angry and a little more sexy with great collaborations from the likes of Rosalia and Bjork.


For his self-titled album, he goes solo from…

A belated list, but fleshing this out for those interested in what I watched in the pandemic. I watched a total 64 TV shows and movies.

10. Queen’s Gambit

Chess made sexy again since Nabokov’s Luzhin Defense.

9. We Are Who We Are

Are today’s teens watching this? Gender fluidity while looking for love and its meaning never felt so relevant in Luca’s television series.

8. Normal People

One of the rare instances where the show was better than the book. Sally Rooney’s characters were beautifully fleshed out in this series.

7. Kajillionaire

An oddly-paced movie with scenes stranger than…

I did little to no reading this year, but here are some titles I got through for 2020. I’m starting to think that out of my never-ending Goodreads list, I should have a list at the beginning of the year that would be more digestible so that I know I’ll be able to chew through without decision-misery. Here’s the run down from best to bestest:

5. Trick Mirror — Jia Tolentino

In most ways, an echo chamber of everything you’ve seen on your Instagram and Twitter feed for the past few years tidied up in this collection of essays. What…

I know you crave future nostalgia. Like you, I’ve already sacked 2020 and have thought up ways I’m going to love in 2021.

Frequently, nostalgia brings me back to the iPhone 5s where it defined my life in France. Many memories were created straight from a razor thin aluminum build that played Soundcloud mixes from mugs, captured drunk mishaps with quick clicks, and sent snappy texts with a single finger. Long nights, reliable battery, making it through wine and music, spring and summer, espressos and exams.

Phones are too big now. If I wanted a tablet, I would’ve gotten the…

if you’re smart about life, the answer is simple.

I’m impatient. So when I first learned that the new iPhone 12 was coming in a smaller model reminiscent of the holy iPhone 5 design, I prepared my return to iOS with the iPhone SE from 2 years of an Android device. Here are some things I’ve learned:

blue bubble club

It’s a real club. Messages travel faster. We live in a world where information is shared faster than we’d like to admit. And sometimes, I need to keep up. …

the best sci-fi bond film finally made.

I’m a fan of Nolan’s because of Inception. From there, I went backwards. Memento. Following. And when the trailers first came out for the film, I immediately got the same cinematic chills I got from Inception.

All chills rose in the first six minutes, a grand entrance into the world of Tenet that will make the most sense as the film slips into an indecipherable mess.

“Don’t try to understand it. Feel it.”

There are lines strictly meant for an exposition that prolongs itself, running about an hour until a majority of the…

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